Frequently Asked Questions

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Pro-Partner Finder is a service developed by K-I Lumber to put you in touch with reputable contractors to assist you with your new construction or home remodeling project.
Use of our Pro-Partner Finder tool is free. There is no membership requirement.
All of the contractors listed on our Pro-Partner Finder are customers in good standing with K-I Lumber. Any qualified customer may participate.
The contractors displayed from your search query show by default. There is no specific order in which they are listed.
All contractors included in our Pro-Partner Finder are required to be insured, licensed, bonded and certified by their respective county and state laws. Because we are relying on the contractor to provide this information we highly recommend that you check with the provider and local regulatory agencies for their most up-to-date information.
You can email us at [email protected] with any additional questions or comments you may have.
Pro-Partner Finder is a program developed by K-I Lumber to put you in touch with homeowners looking for assistance with their new construction or home remodeling project.
By participating in our Pro-Partner Finder Program you have the opportunity to be connected with customers looking for your services. The account profile you create can help generate leads and additional business.
To be included as a contractor you must be a customer of K-I Lumber with an account in good standing and a minimum annual purchase amount of $50,000 or more. You must also meet insurance, licensing, bonding and certification requirements as defined by your county and state. Speak with your Hines Supply sales rep for additional details to set up an account.
Anyone that visits our web site has access to our Pro-Partner Finder and can potentially see your profile.
Other than your account profile, there is no additional advertising available.
There are no fees to participate in our Program.
To register and begin setting up your profile account, click on the Pro Login at bottom right hand corner of the website.
Creating a strong profile is an important first step in creating a positive impression. You can include the following: contact info logo about list of services you provide insurance, licensing, bonding and certification details social media links reviews / testimonials (minimum of 3 required) project photos (minimum of 6 required) list of counties you serve
There is a 2 business day verification process from the initial set up of your profile account.
Homeowners will use a search query which includes the project type and zip code. Contractors that offer those services within the area specified will be shown in the listing. It’s important for you to respond immediately to any inquiries you may receive.
All contractors displayed from a search query are shown by default. There is no specific order in which you will be listed.
Yes, you can access your account at any time to make additions or modifications to your profile. We encourage you to keep your content fresh and relevant.
No. Your customers must provide you with their review and rating for you to include directly.
K-I Lumber reserves the right to remove your account at their sole discretion without notice for any activity deemed as unlawful, unethical, or if you fail to meet the requirements as stated or otherwise.
You can email us at [email protected] with any questions or issues you have with your account set up.