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Designer Builders Inc.

License#: B0041

(502) 376-8664


Additions, Baths, General Contracting, Kitchens, New Construction, Remodeling,

Company Description

Created in 1980 by Ray Rumancik, Designer Builders started as a small company providing renovation, decorative fence, and deck building contracting services. Ray and his son Stefan combined their efforts in the 1990s and the company is now led by Stefan Rumancik. In the past decade, Designer Builders has expanded its contracting services to include custom remodeling, green remodeling, house additions, and beyond.


Jeff and Cindy

Designer Builders built an addition and remodeled a portion of the existing home. The structure is a single family split-level dwelling. Included in the addition was an upsized master bedroom,... Read More

John F

Designer Builders designed and constructed a replacement deck for our home’s rear entrance. The work was not that of a “deck builder,” but of a team of skilled craftsmen. The... Read More

Ron and Karen

Designer Builders refurbished the front of our home including all new siding, window repair, as well as adding a custom designed front entrance and porch. Also shored up old foundation... Read More

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